Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It really makes us feel old now that all of our friends are getting married. Jenna Johnson married a nice boy from Utah and Tyler and Tashina, I dont think many people put those two together but they make a pretty good couple. We are excited we have more married friends now!
Doing sparklers always remind us how fun it was to be a kid!

Ok, well we didnt really know where to start with this whole blogging thing so we are going to start from the beginning and go to the present. This was us September 29, 2007! In case some people might not be able to notice the obvious, that is us on our wedding day. So far our marriage has been amazing. We have heard so many horror stories about the first year of marriage being the most difficult part. That is not the case with us. We get along so well and are very excited to experience eternity together. We already have done so much together our first ten months it seems like we have been married much longer. Rach is finally doing hair and loving it (sometimes it has its moments) Nick is working hard at Costco Tires and going to school at UNLV studying marketing. We are really excited to be able to share our memories with family and friends and hope to keep everyone updated on our lives.
PS we dont have any babies yet so it might be a little bit more boring of a blog than those with kids. We plan on waiting a little longer before we have little Nicks and Rachels walking around.